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Anatomy of a Trial

  • California Justice Armand Arabian Law & Award
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Jerrianne Hayslett


Jerrianne Hayslett has worked as a journalist, trial court director of public information and media liaison, media-relations consultant and writer. The surprise that became Jerrianne debuted in Richmond, Virginia. After living in various places in the U.S.—including a couple of decades in Southern California—and abroad, she settled in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area where she was surprised to find Wisconsin ancestral roots and now focuses on young-adult writing projects and creating picture books for the younger set.

Ongoing Work

Jerrianne is involved in a number of organizations and activities related to her experience and interests, which include: writing a historical fiction novel for young adults, writing and revising multiple picture book manuscripts, maintaining her three blogs, chairing the AAWU-Milwaukee Branch Scholarship Committee, serving on the Council of Wisconsin Writers board of directors, and volunteering with the League of Women Voters, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, and at an elementary school where she works with reluctant and below-grade level readers. She is available to speak to civic organizations, professional meetings, and school and other groups.


Terrific review of Anatomy on It begins:

"Anatomy of a Trial" emerged well after the gush of books that poured out of the O. J. Simpson murder case. But thanks to the author's sharp perceptions and daily access to presiding judge Lance Ito as the court's media liaison, the book is loaded with behind-the-scenes detail and quotes not found in any of its predecessors. ... "

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Interview with WEHC-FM “This Conversation” host Teresa Keller is archived at


Soon after the Simpson case was assigned to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lance A. Ito, I began to write a daily haiku about an event or issue related to that day. I started posting those haiku, sometimes with an explanation or a commentary, on my blog, trying to post a haiku twenty years to the day after I wrote it. Here are recent entries:

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